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Value is found in every aspect of a Grant Community which means you receive the most for your hard-earned money, both now and in the future.

Each home is meticulously designed to offer beautiful exteriors and spacious floor plans with bright, airy and voluminous interiors.






A product of California’s Central Valley, Allen Grant grew up in his family’s construction business, and early on developed a reputation for building high quality products at affordable prices through “value engineering”.

Before establishing his own construction company, Allen earned a reputation as a winning international sports car driver.  Member of the world-champion Shelby-Ford-Cobra Racing Team, Allen carried that “winning tradition” with him when he returned to Modesto to enter the homebuilding trade.

In 1975, Allen was honored as “Builder of the Year”.  He quickly went on to establish himself not only as a leader in residential construction, but in commercial and industrial development as well.

An admitted perfectionist, Allen remains personally involved in every project Grant Development Company undertakes.  He frequently makes analogies between his real estate projects and his past racing experience – a past he has now brought “full circle” by reuniting with his boyhood friend George Lucas to co-sponsor Lucasfilm Racing Team.  Whether entering a race or breaking ground on a new building, the requirements are virtually the same: the long and careful planning, the need for precise timing and cost accounting, and the superior execution of the finished project.

That, in a name, is Grant Development Company.


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